Fast Recovery

Rescue Brigade
Allowing employees to return to the workplace quickly and sustainably

The goal of Fast Recovery is to sustainably empower the employee. The use of the correct guidance by our Mental MindSet Commandos ensures that the employee stands
strong, both in the workplace and privately. We do this with the M4 Methode.

What does that mean?

The M4 Method is a mix of Psychotherapy, Sociology, MindSet, Boxing, MindPower and Mind Energy.We startby discussing and solving personal issues. In doing so, we teach you the foundation of Mental MindSet so that personal issues are something of the past and therefore fully under control. We give a 100% guarantee.


Mental MindSet Proof

This personal development program consists of 8-10 individual training sessions. The aim is to train the employee in such a way that he is 100% Mental MindSet Proof. The employee receives support and guidance from our Mental MindSet Commandos.


Short Preventive

Individual Mental MindSet program. In four individual sessions, the employee is happy, strong and full of energy in life again. We do this with the M4 Method. The employee receives support and guidance from our Mental
MindSet Commandos.

Fast Recovery +

After a successful Fast Recovery progress, employee and employer come to the conclusion that continuation with another employer is better for both parties. In that case we offer Fast Recovery+.

The + Track is an intensive program on top of Fast Recovery with the aim of helping employees find a suitable position with another employer. Working method is positive, energetic and pragmatic. The support consist of personal guidance, job application training, talent analysis and the search for a suitable job.