M4 Preventive

More Energy & Self-Direction

More energy & self-direction: this applies to every individual, every team, every department and therefore to the entire organization. Through the M4 approach we ensure that every employee takes control of his/her energy, responsibility, initiative and self-confidence..

We do this by rolling out the M4 Method from within and sustainably, via the Train-the-Trainer approach. We are training a first group. This could be a management layer or internal trainers. This group trains the next group, etc. During the implementation of a program, we remain in close conversation with the active group of trainers through intervision and coaching.

The foundation of the preventive program consists of:

• Everyone’s Mental MindSet, Mind Energy, Mind Power and Will Power
• Increasing personal effectiveness
• Discussing and removing obstacles in the individual, teams and organization
• Physical exercises, role plays and silent walks


Mental MindSet Proof

This personal development program consists of 8-10 individual training sessions. The aim is to train the employee in such a way that he is 100% Mental MindSet Proof. The employee receives support and guidance from our Mental MindSet Commandos.


Short Preventive

Individual Mental MindSet program. In four individual sessions, the employee is happy, strong and full of energy in life again. We do this with the M4 Method. The employee receives support and guidance from our Mental
MindSet Commandos.

Fast Recovery +

After a successful Fast Recovery progress, employee and employer come to the conclusion that continuation with another employer is better for both parties. In that case we offer Fast Recovery+.

The + Track is an intensive program on top of Fast Recovery with the aim of helping employees find a suitable position with another employer. Working method is positive, energetic and pragmatic. The support consist of personal guidance, job application training, talent analysis and the search for a suitable job.