M4 Recovery

We make YOU shine proudly, confidently and motivated.

Using the right guidance through our Mental MindSet Commando ensures that you shine proudly, confidently and motivated in your life. We make you realize that anything is possible and that you are at the helm of your own life. So that you are Mental Proof. We do all this with the M4 Method.

Recovery comes in the following forms:

Fast Recovery

Are you not comfortable in your own skin? Do you feel exhausted? Do you want to be helped? Then Fast Recovery is a nice personal process. You will be guided by a Mental MindSet Commando so that you shine proudly, confidently and motivated in your life again. We make you mentally strong.


Due to a situation (reorganization, conflict or lack of perspective) it is necessary for you to look out for another employer: outplacement. Working method is positive, energetic and pragmatic. The support consists of personal (1-on-1) guidance, job application training, talent analysis and the search for a suitable job.

2e spoor

If you are in the sickness law, you must deal with ‘De Wet Verbetering Poortwachter’. During your reintegration process, you reintegrate into a suitable position within your own (track 1) or other organization (track 2). After 1 year of illness, track 2 must be deployed. We can take care of this. After recovery through our M4 Method, we will help you find a suitable place of experience. You will receive support and guidance from our Mental MindSet Command until you are fully recovered.

M4 Mental Mindset

More Energy & Self-control, that is our promise with M4 Mental MindSet. You can supplement this online program with 4 Online Coaching sessions. You are supported to grab and keep your Energy. That you know how you can direct your life and therefore make your choices. You will be helped to make yourself mentally strong, mentally proof. All this gives you More Energy & Self-control. 

You can ask us questions personally by email. Interested? Contact us: info@mentalmindsetonline.com Do you only want to follow the online program? Then go to: Mental Mindset Online Shop.


Mental MindSet Commando’s are specialized in guiding international top Ceo’s and Politicians. Mental MindSet Commando’s are trained according to the M4 Method and are also experts from the international business world.
In addition to guiding Leaders we provide a MindLeaderShip training. This program is intended for managers and upcoming top talents. This is an extremely positive explosion between the old and new world of Leadership: MindLeaderShip!